Our Child Wise Curriculum promise delightful, stimulating activities to teach little minds and prepare them for the future. We are proud to include the following wonderful extra mural programs in our curriculum.


We assembled a comprehensive range of educational games and learning support tools. All the software we use are user friendly, fun to use and cater for all of our little ones from 3 years to grade R. Each class consists out of educational games that specifically targets a number of the basic curriculum needs.

Child Wise Nursery School - Computers


We're all aware of the many benefits music has on our little ones. Therefore We have included music in our curriculum targeting a number of the basic curriculum needs for all our children from Babies up to grade R.

Child Wise Nursery School - Music

Brain Aerobics

We have put together a wide range of educational games, puzzles, blocks and equipment for our little ones to explore, learn and have fun while learning.

Child Wise Nursery School - Brain Aerobics

Make & Bake

As all kids love creating and making their own treats, we’ve added stimulating Make & Bake classes in our curriculum to give them the opportunity to further develop their senses and creativity.

Child Wise Nursery School - Make & Bake


We've added this program to our curriculum because kids enjoy science and it engages their curiosity while providing them with the practical tools to help them understand everyday life.

Child Wise Nursery School - Science

Sensory Play

The sensory play activities we include stimulates senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

Child Wise Nursery School - Sensory Play

Motor Skills

Our gross motor skills program enables our kids to perform every day functions, such as walking and running, playground skills (e.g. climbing) and sporting skills (e.g. catching, throwing and hitting a ball with a bat)

Our fine motor skills program focuses on improving the refined use of the small muscles which control the hand, fingers and thumb. These skills are important to complete tasks such as writing, feeding oneself, buttoning and zippering.

Child Wise Nursery School - Motor Skills Child Wise Nursery School - Motor Skills