What do our parents think...

"Childwise Nursery School has a new owner, also the principal Hannie Cronje since 01 January 2017 and what a change she and her staff made to the school since she took over.

She's got the support of wonderful teachers (Teacher Suzette & Teacher Helena are wonderful with my kids), and there is also Minah who's wonderful with the children. She also opened a Baby Care Class with its own facilities which was non-existent before and it looks amazing.

There is very good communication between the staff and the parents to keep you up to date what your child is busy with during the day, by using either communication books, WhatsApp messages or talking face to face.

Your children also get well balanced healthy meals, drinks and snacks and you will experience how your child improve day by day with well-balanced work, learning and playing. I am a happy mother with 2 very happy children..."

Melissa De Beer

"My son is currently a student at Child Wise Nursery School. He literally begs us to make sure that he is at school early, so that he has enough time to enjoy all the activities. I pick up a smiling boy in the afternoons, and if you ask him how his day was, the answer is always "Good"

I have never felt any concerns about the safety or wellbeing of my child while in the care of Hannie, Suzette and the rest of the team. He eats well, enjoys computer lessons, and body wise activities. He has time to play, and to learn, all in a loving and safe environment.

I would highly recommend Child Wise to all parents, as the best Nursery School on this side of the West Rand."

Jennifer Barnard